Dr. Michael Malsch

The Board of Directors of the New York State Society of Orthodontists (NYSSO) met virtually on March 2, 2023 to review and plan member programs and activities for 2023. The following report summarizes the discussions and action items from this meeting.

  • NYSSO sponsored a successful Halloween social event (Rave in the Cave) for the NY orthodontic residents, to help them to understand NYSSO’s mission to promote excellence in orthodontics through engagement, communication, advocacy and continuing education.
  • NYSSO hosted a successful 2022 Annual Meeting CE webinar in November.  It featured renowned orthodontic practice management and transition specialist, Chris Bentson, and was titled: “Trends and Industry Changes You Must Understand to Prosper in the Future.”
  • The Medicaid / Insurance committee reported that the Medicaid approval rate, unfortunately, remains low.  The biggest insurance companies involved in the administration of orthodontic benefits are:  Dentaquest, Liberty, and Empire BCBS, while the smallest provider is United Health Care.
  • The Legislative Committee is making progress in addressing the current orthodontic staffing crisis in NYS.  The have been working to reduce the barriers to dental assistant licensure and for expanded functions and greater utilization of the existing dental labor work force.  They are currently reviewing the dental assistant regulations in all the states, throughout the country, to be able to advocate to NYSDA to consider changes that would help to increase the number of certified dental assistants.
  • Communication to our membership is a key to NYSSO being successful and effective.  Our Communication Committee posted its first newsletter last November.  They are planning on sending them out semi-annually after the board meetings to keep the membership updated on our efforts on their behalf.
  • NYSSO will be having its annual board meeting at the NESO meeting in Montreal, Canada on Friday October 20th.  Members are encouraged to attend, meet the executive board members who represent them, and voice any questions or concerns they may have.  The NY orthodontic residents are also being encouraged to attend as well.
  •  The next NYSSO-sponsored CE meeting is being planned for 2024, with further details to follow.

Dr. Michael Malsch
NYSSO Communications Director