Why Belong?

People join organizations for a variety of reasons; however, common to all groups is a perceived benefit from belonging. In Orthodontics, the benefits are many and varied. Foremost, belonging to organized orthodontics allows us to better serve the public and our patients. Continuing education and practice management programs promote excellence in care, allowing practitioners to stay abreast of all the most recent advances in both clinical and practice management techniques. Networking also provides for abundant opportunity to learn from mentors and friends.

Advocacy is a benefit of belonging to organized orthodontics/dentistry and may very well be the most significant. As a group, we have the ability to advocate on behalf of our patients and our profession. Patient care, insurance issues, and government regulations are just a few examples of the benefits to advocacy. While other health sectors have become fragmented and have paid a significant price in their inability to advocate on behalf of their members, dentistry, and orthodontics in particular, have been able to maintain their membership and speak with one voice. The ability to go to our Legislators and speak with a united voice for orthodontics and dentistry is paramount to achieving what is best for our patients and our practices.

Yes, there is a cost involved, and some might say the cost is too high. We contend that the cost of not belonging is even higher. Yes, in the short run, individuals might save some money by not belonging, however, in the long term, the cost is very high indeed. With our patients suffering from the loss of autonomy and our practices overburdened with ever increasing regulations, united we stand, divided we fall. Please take advantage of all the wonderful benefits available to you through membership in the tripartite organization.

We look forward to having you be a part of this wonderful organization.